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Confidence to Speak offers speech coaching services in Aberdeen and across Scotland. We offer clients speech coaching informed by executive coaching practices to help improve public speaking, presentation skills and boardroom management. We also offer a therapeutic speech practice which helps with childhood speech delay, speech impediments and developmental challenges.

Our driving goal is to help people gain confidence to speak – in any situation, find their true voice and be heard, and to have the opportunity to make a difference. We help clients speak better – developing confidence to speak in any situation, and building the confidence and skills to speak more effectively, powerfully and with integrity.

We give clients the tools to gain confidence to speak, to develop vocal strength and speaking skills, to soften an accent, to deliver an unforgettable speech, to address and manage health-related problems, and to experience an overall sense of wellbeing. We provide expert tuition to help you achieve your personal and professional goals and feel better about how you come across to others.

We have two practices – Speech Coaching and Therapeutic and Well Being.

In The Press

Confidence to Speak has been featured in an article by the the Press and Journal. Appearing in the Health & Wellbeing section, the article, which was published as part of the Press and Journal's Mental Health Toolkit series, explores how improving your speaking skills can help you grow and give you the confidence to be yourself.

Click the link to be taken to the article: Lacking confidence? How developing speaking skills can help you be more assertive.


Speech Matters is the new part of the Confidence to Speak website where you can read Donald Phillips' articles on various aspects of speech coaching. Donald's articles cover topics such as personal speech coaching, confident public speaking and speaking your way to success, as well as therapeutic speech coaching.

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Who we are

Donald has set the standard for the way we work with clients.
Donald Phillips Speech Therapist

Donald Phillips

Our founder and lead coach is Donald Phillips. Donald is a highly successful and experienced speech coach and executive coach.

Donald is a member of the Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA).

and a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)

Donald has been providing voice and speech coaching since 1995 and has set the standard for the way we work with clients at Confidence to Speak. Our approach is a holistic one, exploring the whole person, helping clients tackle the root causes of challenges that may block their ability to speak effectively so they can start to communicate better and feel more positively about themselves.

Donald has successfully helped thousands of people speak better, express themselves more confidently, manage health-related challenges, and as a result grow in self-confidence – at work, socially and in their personal relationships.

Confidence Speech Coaching

Business and Personal Impact

Speech coaching at Confidence to Speak gives you effective tools to develop greater confidence to speak in a range of situations, be it at work, social or interpersonal relationships. The coaching uncovers hidden inner blocks that hinder communication while positively strengthening speaking skills to help manage or overcome the blocks. Our clients become more confident in their presentation skills, in their public speaking abilities, and their ability to speak from their heart.

Our speech coaching has helped hundreds of people gain more confidence and realise their potential in communiction. We help clients with presentation skills, public speaking, confident speaking, accent softening, auditions and job interviews. Past clients have included people in industry, business, teachers/lecturers, school children, university students, actors, people transitioning their gender, people in both public and private sector, third sector, people delivering wedding speeches or speeches for special occasions.

Session types are 1-2-1 and we offer a range of session lengths to match your needs with effective tuition.

Enrolling in our speech coaching sessions will help you become a more effective leader and communicator. You will become better at influencing business direction, motivating and inspiring your team and winning more business. If you or one of your team have a development need around becoming more impactful, we can help with proven coaching and techniques.

To find out more about our Speech Coaching practice, please click here.

Therapeutic and Personal Well Being

Well-being depends on 3 things: having an inner confidence in life, an inner integrity for health and having an optimistic outlook on life. Our SpeechStudio explores these aspects through the medium of speech, breath and voice.

This therapeutic speech practice helps children and adults with functional speech challenges and conditions; for instance, delayed speech acquisition in children, or lisping, stammering, vocal weakness, excessive throat clearing, mumbling and speaking too quickly. It also offers a well-being therapy to manage a wider scope of health complaints, including breathing and stress-related disorders, anxiety, panic, life uncertainties and challenges when life becomes ‘stuck’.

Addressing health problems and learning to manage them enhances a positive life outlook and increases self-confidence and self-reliance. These are 1-2-1 sessions delivered in our confidential studio. We offer a range of session lengths to match your needs with effective tuition.

If you wish to find out more about our Therapeutic and Well Being practice, please click here.

Training workshops

Confidence to Speak delivers in-person and online Training Workshops to organisations, businesses, companies, schools, and clubs. Group training with us benefits from our bespoke workshop approach, which helps increase training coherence and retention.

Some of the topics of Training Workshops we’ve run include vocal care, vocal stamina, vocal strength, vocal integrity, public speaking, the teacher’s voice, leadership voice, and motivational voice. All these are created as bespoke programmes to meet the needs of your organisation. Training as a group also develops trust and growth within the group. By engaging with others and listening to others the group's cohesion builds to a new level.

Building periodic workshops into the fabric of your organisation can help increase interpersonal communication, drive sales, motivate your workforce, prevent sickness downtime, and lead to greater customer satisfaction.

Our bespoke Training Workshops are a great way to learn together. We make the training workshop fit your requirements.